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Traveling with Birds

on Thursday, 14 August 2008. Posted in Camping and RVing with Birds

parrotBirds make wonderful traveling companions.  As long as you bring plenty of equipment from home, you can travel comfortably for many weeks at a time.  And you’ll have your feathered friend’s cheerful singing and chatter to brighten your days.  Before you get started, it’s always smart to take a few test runs in your vehicle before your actual trip, to see how your bird handles the movement.

Tips for Traveling with Pet Birds

Packing Food and Other Supplies
Because bird food can be hard to get once you leave the area around your favorite supply store, be sure to take plenty of food with you.  Pack water and treats, too.  Even on a short trip, it’s important to bring extra food and water in case your car or RV breaks down.

Pack extra toys and cuttlebones so you can rotate them through your bird’s cage.  You’ll need newspaper for the bottom of the cage, a spray bottle for keeping your bird clean and cool, extra dishes, and cage covers.

Cages in the Vehicle
Decide in advance where you’re going to put your bird’s cage during travel.  The cage should sit on the floor, and a seat belt or bungee cord should keep it attached to fixed furniture in the RV or seats in the car.  Birds can ride outside their cages, but this is only safe if you’ve had practice runs with your bird and know that it can be trusted to not fly in the driver’s face.  Also, you’ll want to cover all of your seats with towels or sheets and keep the windows closed at all times.

Proof of Ownership
Always bring proof of ownership with you on your trip.  You can sign up with the AFA registry and get certified paperwork.  You should also bring the latest statement of good health from your vet.  Having your vet’s name and phone number with you might also come in handy.

Some birds love traveling so much, they become even noisier and more talkative than usual.  If you’re driving, you might need earplugs!  

Tent Camping
Tent camping with birds can be challenging.  Even in the summer, nighttime temperatures in high elevations can drop pretty low and be dangerous for birds.  Tents can leak in rainstorms, and wind can sneak in through the cracks.  Parrots, with their large size and yummy-smelling food, can draw wild predators.  If you have another choice, it might be best to sleep in an RV, trailer, camper, or cabin with your bird.

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