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Activities for People and their Dogs

on Friday, 15 April 2011. Posted in Camping and RVing with Dogs

Activities for People and their Dogs

dogaTry doga, go to a yappy hour, dog camps, or agility training

How do most pet owners bond with their pooches? There are the standard activities like trips to the dog park, walks and tossing the ball around. However, for those pet owners that are looking to find new and creative ways to bond with their pet can try a few new activities that are becoming more common.

Fun things to do with Fido

Doga is yoga for dogs. Owners and dogs get to participate in relaxing classes specially designed for the needs of pets and owners. Doga classes combine traditional yoga poses with massage and meditation depending on the instructor. Not only does the owner get a great workout, but so do the dogs. Together dogs and owners get to relax together and bond over this excellent activity.

Throughout the United States there are many different dog classes offered. Each instructor is unique and teaches a very different class. Choosing a doga class depends on what style of class you and your dog are interested in. Together you and your dog reap the benefits of these classes and are able to create a stronger bond.

Pet owners looking to bond with their dog in a more relaxing way can always try attending a Yappy Hour. Many cities and bars are becoming more dog friendly as people become more interested in doing activities with their dogs. If you are fortunate enough to live in a dog friendly community, you may be able to find one of these dog friendly happy hours at your local bars and restaurants. 

Places that host yappy hours provide both human and doggy refreshments. At a yappy hour owners can choose from their favorite libations and enjoy gourmet appetizers while their pets lap up water put out just for them and indulge in delicious treats.

Although many cities and restaurants are becoming for dog friendly, you may find that there are no yappy hour options within your community. All hope is not lost though if there isn't a yappy hour nearby. You can always host a yappy hour of your own. All you need to host a yappy hour is a group of dog lovers and their dogs, delicious refreshments for both humans and dogs, and a dog friendly space to host the event. Backyards and dog parks make excellent venues for a fun yappy hour.

Perhaps, instead of staying in your community and enjoying activities with your dog, you want to take your dog on a vacation. Rather than searching for a location that has plenty of dog accepting attractions, you can attend a dog camp. Dog camps provide both owners and pets with a nice selection of activities to enjoy together, while also enjoying the relaxation of a vacations.

Throughout the United States there are a wide variety of options for dog camps. Some dog camps are focused on creating a relaxing vacation for dog and owner. Other camps are more academic in focus, with seminars on dog and owner relations. While others focus on preparing dogs for specific types of competition.  Click here for a few camps for dogs and their people.

Those pet owners looking to enjoy a fun and relaxing vacation with their dog should look for the type of camp that offers all sorts of dog and human activities. Often these camps allow your pet to explore their natural instincts, and allows the owner to more fully connect with their dog. The activities available at dog camps often go beyond what you would normally consider doing with your dog. Instead of only playing fetch or going for walks and swims, dogs and owners at dog camps get to participate in herding exercises or agility classes. Owners also often have the opportunity to take educational seminars where they can learn more about their dog.

When you decide to got to dog camp there are a variety of things you should keep in mind when planning your vacation. First, don't confuse dog camps that are designed for boarding, these camps do not provide the owner and pet experience that the vacation oriented dog camps provide. You should also thoroughly research a few different options for dog camp. You want to find a dog camp that offers activities that both you and your dog will enjoy. You should also determine if the camp location, accommodations and staffing agree with the type of experience you are looking for.

If you are looking for a more long-term and intense activity to enjoy with your dog, dog agility might be an activity to try. Dog agility is a sport that requires both human and dog commitment. The owner directs their dog through a course of obstacles that is at least difficult enough that the dog couldn't do it on their own. Dog owners must evaluate the course and provide their dog with the proper direction to complete the course accurately. Dogs and owners are judged based on speed and accuracy.

Dog agility is a great way to forge a deeper bond with your dog. The courses require skill from both dog and owner. Owners must direct their dog with voice, body language and other types of signals that do not involve providing incentives. This means that communication between dog and owner is of paramount importance. Mastering dog agility takes time and patience from both dog and owner, but it is an activity that allows you to really conic with your pet.

Dog owners will find that their are all sorts of activities to try that help create stronger bonds. Some activities are relaxing and fun like yappy hour and doga. While others such as dog camp and dog agility emphasize participating in more intense activities as a team. No matter what your interest and your dogs interests, you are sure to find some sort of activity that you can enjoy with your dog.

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