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Patrick McDonnell – Artist and Cartoonist

on Saturday, 16 August 2008. Posted in Pet People Profiles

MuttsPatrick McDonnell is most famous as the creator and illustrator of MUTTS, a popular comic strip that features dogs and cats.  MUTTS runs in papers all across the country.  But many people don’t know that Patrick McDonnell is also very serious about helping animals.

Mutts Comic Strip by Patrick McDonnell

Patrick-McDonnellAmong his numerous awards for artwork and comics, McDonnell has also won the PETA Humanitarian Award in recognition for his work on behalf of animals.  

His latest book, Shelter Stories: Love. Guaranteed., features real-life adoption stories and MUTTS comics that have an animal-shelter theme.  In 2007, he wrote a children’s book called Hug Time that tells the story of Jules, a kitten who goes around the world hugging endangered species.  

Among his many volunteer projects, McDonnell served on the board of the Humane Society of the United States and for the Fund for Animals.  MUTTS characters appear on the animal-friendly license plates of New Jersey, a vanity plate program that funds the state’s pet population work.  

Wherever he goes, McDonnell promotes pet adoption and kindness to animals.

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