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Ferret Personality

on Thursday, 14 August 2008. Posted in Camping and RVing with Small Animals

Ferret Personality

ferret-eating-ice-creamFerrets love to sleep and they love to play. Typically, they sleep fourteen to eighteen hours a day, generally during the night and in the middle of the day. Their favorite time for play is at dawn and dusk.

Ferrets Have Amazing Playful and Mischievous Personalities

These curious animals love to explore. When they’re awake, ferrets are hard at work prying, digging, rustling, and pawing through everything they can find. If you’re getting a ferret for the first time, you’ll want to ferret-proof your house carefully. Put away anything you don’t want them to get into and put childproof locks on your cabinet doors. Ferrets will climb behind washing machines, dryers, into stovepipes, and down drains, so be sure to block these areas off as well.

Every animal likes to have a nest, but in ferrets this urge has gone into overdrive. Ferrets are hoarders, and every ferret in your family will create its own secret hiding place for its treasures. You might be surprised by what it decided to carry off. Ferret owners have lost their shoes, sponges, keys, socks, calculators, books, brooms, pencils, footballs, and much more. Sometimes, if a ferret especially loves one particular object, it will steal it over and over again!

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