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Ferrets at Play

on Thursday, 14 August 2008. Posted in Camping and RVing with Small Animals

Ferrets at Play

ferret-in-a-cookie-jarFerrets are happy fun-loving and slightly mischievous little creatures. Ferrets are one of the most entertaining pets to watch play. These lovable little characters play hard for a few minutes and then just drop to the ground fast asleep.

Ferret Play Behavior and the Weasel War Dance

Ferrets love to play hide and seek games, tug of war, and light games of chase. They also love exploring new things, whether it’s a toilet paper roll or fancy cat toy. These furry creatures aren’t particular about their toys, but they love change and variety above all else. Stuffed animals, tubes, paper bags, and pieces of tin foil are all considered super-fun.

Weasel War Dance
When a ferret is especially excited, it might do the “weasel war dance,” a wild bunch of sideways hops. Your ferret might make a low clucking noise at the same time—this is called “dooking.” Dooking is an invitation to play and an expression of pure delight. When ferrets are doing the war dance, it’s easy for them to crash into things and knock things over. They’re so excited, they’re out of control!

When two ferrets meet and want to play, you might see one of them suddenly go very straight, then start thrashing or turning its head from side to side. It’s fur will puff up and it’ll arch its back, facing its fellow ferret. It might even make a hiss-like panting sound. These are all pre-play displays. At any minute, the ferret will break into a pounce, wrestling or chasing its new friend around the house.

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