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Teaching Ferrets to Walk On a Leash

on Thursday, 14 August 2008. Posted in Ferrets, Camping and RVing with Small Animals

Teaching Ferrets to Walk On a Leash

traveling-ferret-on-a-leashThe safest way to take your ferret outdoors is on a leash with an H-shaped harness. Ferrets love to squirm out of things, so a harness is much safer than a collar.

Benefits of Teaching your Ferret to Wear a Harness & Walk on a Leash

Before you take your ferret out for the first time, do some training with the harness and leash. Start with the harness only, allowing your ferret to get used to its feel. Pet it on for about five minutes and slowly build up to longer amounts of time. The harness should be too tight for your ferret to get out of, but not so tight that it’s uncomfortable (you should be able to put your finger between the harness and your ferret).

When your ferret is used to wearing the harness, attach the leash and let your ferret drag it around for a while. After that feels normal, pick up the leash and hold it. Eventually, try standing still, so the ferret can’t run around like it normally does. Once it’s used to the idea of being restrained on the leash, you’re ready to go out.

Cars and Predators
The biggest danger to your ferret outside is from cars and predators, including dogs. Hawks, eagles, and large snakes will all eat a ferret if they have the chance. If you keep your ferret on a leash, you’ll be able to keep it safe from these hazards.

Insects and Diseases
Just like any other animal, ferrets can get ticks. Sometimes ticks can transmit diseases, including Lyme disease. The best way to protect your ferret is to remove ticks as soon as you spot them, and to look your ferret over for ticks every time you bring it inside the house.

Mosquitoes can carry heart worms and West Nile virus, both of which can affect ferrets. Bee stings and spider bites can also harm a ferret, especially if the ferret is small.

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