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Human Food That’s Bad for Dogs

Camping with Pets | First Aid & Safety

Human Food That’s Bad for Dogs

It’s hard to resist a wagging tail and a pair of big, brown, begging eyes. And while certain human foods are palatable for dogs, it’s important to know which are not – because unfortunately, the bad ones can severely harm and even kill your dog. The following list of bad foods and their dangers may seem dire, but if you familiarize yourself with these harmful human foods, you’ll be better equipped to keep your dog healthy and happy.

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Pets add so much to our lives. They give us love, companionship, and good humor—and they’re a constant reminder of the fascinating natural world. It’s no wonder then that pets and camping go hand-in-hand! Whether you’re an RVer, a tent camper, or part of a family that stays in cabins or trailers, of course you’ll want to take your beloved family pets along on your next camping adventure. This website is filled with articles that will help you do just that—camp with your pets. It’s our goal to help your pets stay safe, healthy, and happy in the great outdoors.

Camping and RVing with Pets

Whether your pet companions are furry, feathered or scaled, has the information you need to ensure a safe and successful camping or RV trip for everyone.  We even make it easy to find campgrounds that take pets.  Find the perfect pet friendly campground.